Focus and Scope

Visual Methodologies (VM) is an international peer-reviewed post-disciplinary journal, positioned to articulate the increasing fluidity between the visual and other forms of knowledge, values systems and power. To address the broad interests of our readers, VM supports critically informed, original interpretations that both illuminate a specific phenomenon, and yield insights for social, political, philosophical or aesthetic concerns shaping global visual cultures and visual research.

The scope of VM includes visual aspects of material and social practices and their symbolic representation, as well as the use of visual media in research. VM invites contributions of original work which focus on visual practice, its sites, inhabitants and outcomes.

VM publishes work from a range of methodological positions, approaches and paradigms and provides a forum for visual studies scholars however defined. Research on aspects of visual and material culture increasingly informs critical enquiry in the social, cultural and organizational spheres and VM communicates scholarly outputs on all aspects visual-based inquiry.

VM is international in its scope and places no restriction on the topics discussed other than the need to demonstrate the potential to contribute to knowledge and inform the academy and society. A primary goal for VM is to be an accessible source of authoritative information that provides both theoretical and practical insights of relevance to practitioners and scholars.

VM is targeted at a broad audience in the academy, as well as in the public, private and third sectors. VM operates a double-blind review process and encourages visually-led submissions.