Visual Methodologies is an international peer-reviewed postdisciplinary journal, positioned to articulate the increasing fluidity between the visual and other forms of knowledge, values systems and power. The scope of VM includes visual aspects of material and social practices and their symbolic representation, as well as the use of visual media in research. VM particularly welcomes visually-led submissions, including cartoons, cyber graphics, graffiti, maps, diagrams, photographs, symbols, video, et cetera, whether analysed as researcher ‘found’ or researcher ‘created’ data.

We welcome contributions from architecture, art, cognitive science, communications, computer science, cultural studies, design, education, film studies, history, linguistics, management, marketing, media studies, museum studies, philosophy, photography, psychology, religious studies, semiotics, and more.

Special Issues:

Exploring Ethics in Visual Methodologies (Volume 3.2)

This special issue on ethical issues in visual research arose from our collective observation that there is an urgent need for researchers to share and reflect upon stories about the ethical challenges they are facing in their research, including how they have navigated the formal procedural ethics review process and how they have identified and responded to ethical challenges in their research practice. Our approach in this special issue has been to call for tales from the field that raise new questions and highlight concerns within the context of real and ongoing research rather than attempt to derive solutions to ethical problems in an abstract or decontextualized way. The overall collection is therefore one that highlights the importance of good descriptive self-reflexive accounts of ethical and methodological issues, especially in terms of what is useful for other visual researchers and also for members of research ethics boards or committees (REB/REC).

Participatory Research and Visual Methods (Volume 4.1)

This special issue seeks to examine the role of participation in visual methodologies. It is a collection of essays from members of the Visual Scholarship Initiative at Emory University in which practitioners reflect upon their uses of photography, film, and video as a form of practice-based research.

Fourth International Visual Methods Conference

This special edition of Visual Methodologies strives to capture the richness and diversity of the programme; it offers some detailed first hand accounts of projects and papers presented at the conference, as well as exploring the wider role of visual methods in contemporary research practice.

Environmental (In)visibilities

The scientific and technological achievements of the past century and the increasing pervasiveness of images have not only influenced deeply the relationship between humankind and nature, but have also introduced new kinds of awareness of human’s responsibilities on vulnerabilities never experienced before, which have serious – if not irreversible – cascades of consequences on the stability, livability and reproduction of social and natural contexts.

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